Giving customers a way to schedule an appointment 24/7 makes great business sense. Most small businesses are only open Monday through Friday from 8a-5pm. That means during the week, they are only able to book appointment 27% of the time.

Using We Schedule For You Call Center’s 24/7 appointment scheduling answering service gives you an edge. Our team is ready to answer your phone and book appointments by phone for you day or night. We can help you with more than just appointments. We can also assist you with overflow calls, dispatching emergencies, and taking messages.

How Appointment Scheduling Works

Using our appointment scheduling answering service is to set-up and easy to use.
  1. You let us know how to schedule your appointments.
  2. We create your customized schedule preferences in our online appointment scheduling software.
  3. Our friendly appointment scheduling operators are ready to book appointments around the clock.

See Appointments in Real Time

You calendar is at your finger tips. You are able quickly view your appointments. Your team can also use the same online appointment schedule. This way everyone is on the same page and there’s never a double-booking. You can book, reschedule or cancel appointments in seconds.
Need a break from appointments? No sweat. You are able to block off time instantly for that much needed vacation.
Your appointments also sync to your phone with Google Calendar.

Appointment Confirmations

Callers will receive an immediate confirmation sent to them after scheduling an appointment. These confirmation can be branded with your logo and match the look of your website. These confirmations can also include an appointment invite. This allows the caller to add it to their calendar so they aren’t a no show.
You can also use the appointment confirmation to send or link to more information such as:
  • Directions to your business or event
  • Links to fill out or download forms
  • Instructions
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Pictures and additional information

Appointment Reminders to Reduce No-Shows

A great way to reduce your no-show rate is use the built in email appointment reminder. We also offer an enhanced appointment reminders option. It allows for text, email and phone reminders.

Popular Appointment Scheduler Uses

Appointment Scheduling Service is perfect for:

  • Sales teams—Converting prospects into customers
  • Service companies—Schedule service requests around the clock
  • Medical offices, lawyers, financial planners, and other professionals
  • Event and class registration
  • Scheduling interviews and training sessions