Call Center Services

Our professional call center agents can help grow your business and satisfy your customers, whenever they call.

What are Call Center Services, and How Do They Work?

Call center services act as an extension of your own business’ customer service.

First, you choose when you would like call center support (popular options are nights, weekends, and holidays). When a call is made to your telephone number during those times, it’s automatically forwarded to the call center. An agent answers, using your business name and information, and assists the caller with whatever they need.

Second, messages from callers are relayed to your team. There are many options for this – including calls, texts, and emails – but all of this information is also available in a real-time dashboard.

Third, you can always adjust the times, volume, and specifications that your call center outsourcing service operates on. Flexibility is a key component of the best call centers.

There are many types of call center services that we offer – these services are available to all Ambs Call Center customers.

Inbound Call Center Services

You’re paying big money to advertise. We make sure there’s an ROI on your marketing department’s efforts.

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Inbound Order Taking

A missed call is a missed order. Whether it’s ten or a hundred per day, we can help you stay organized and efficient.

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Help Desk

Based on your specifications and requirements, we’ll service basic help desk requirements. We even go up to Tier 1.

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Event Registration

We’ll answer relevant questions, register your guests, and ensure that attendance is a top priority.

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Employee Call Off Service

A single source for employee absence management, reporting, documentation, and it’s all in real-time.

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Dealer Locator

Ensuring your customers can find the most convenient location for your business helps keep them happy, and saves you time.

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Appointment Scheduling

Our appointment scheduling experts are ready to book appointments for you, 24/7. (We can also send reminders!)

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Inbound Direct Response

Our team is available 24/7/365 to help your team manage customer interactions by phone.

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